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Your Preferred Motor Oil For Your Truck Can Be Improved!
EngeneRx Engine Oil Additive is a crossover product from the Aerospace industry. Our positively charged, Advanced Solid Particle Lubricate Technology was originally developed for the high cyclic weaponry used by our United States Military. Your truck engine will benefit from the 30+ years of our battle proven technology.

Give a bottle of EngeneRx to any internal combustion engine. Our micronized suspension of chemically charged particles will harmoniously blend with your preferred engine oil to improve performance and dramatically reduce friction and wear.

Significantly Reduces Friction And Wear.
The four ball does substantiate our claim that the micronized, positively charged solid particles are effectively burnished into the metal --which significantly reduces friction and wear.

Falex Four Ball Test

EngeneRx Engine Oil Treatment | Battle Proven Technology
Advanced Solid Particle Lubrication Technology For Mineral and Synthetic Oil | Battlefield Proven Lubrication Technology | Engine Oil Additive By EngeneRx

The lubrication requirement of an internal combustion engine is far less demanding than the high cyclic weapons used by the United States military. Our Advanced Solid Particle Lubricate Technology allows for the continuous fire of high cyclic weapons in the worst possible environments.

Concentrated within each EngeneRx LubriCan bottle is over thirty years of Advanced Solid Particle Lubrication Technology.

EngeneRx Is Available For Every Internal Combustion Engine.
Two Ounces Of EngeneRx Can Treat Up To Six Quarts Of Your Preferred Motor Oil !

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Made In The United States Of America
The United States Military, the Aerospace industry and your engine will share a common bond: EngeneRx Lubri+Can© Advanced Solid Particle Lubrication Technology.

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